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banner credit goes to barbicanic 

Currently I am leaving my graphics entries public but I am thinking of moving all of them to a community pretty soon!!

Anyway, I'd be happy to meet new people!
If you have same interest with me and felt like adding me, I'd gladly accept 
please tell me why you added me leaving a comment here, because you know since there is a habit going around LJ randonly adding people!!
Its better to tell me a little about yourself 
ja yorishiku onegaishimasu

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I am gonna make this a quick post since I am too busy right now
we all have seen and lived the horrible feeling of what happened in Japan, therefore , this is our time to help the country that means so much to us in many different ways

I decided to sell few things for the fund raising benefit

here are the items I'm selling Arashi and non arashi items Collapse )

other information:  1- kindly note that you will pay the shipping if you chose registered airmail or EMS
I am kinda broke right now :P 
2- I am donating the money to the arashi_on fund raising
3- I might not be able to send your items this month, probably mid-April maybe? I am too busy with uni currently so please consider that in mind before buying

thank you for your help, in advance :D

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10 things I'd like to tell to 10 different people right now (No names)

1. I am sorry
2. Why don't you love me for who I am?
3. I am hurt because of you
4. I love you the most
The rest , because I was bored Collapse )

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Hi there *waves*

How's fandom today? still flailing about ohno's birthday surprise at Tokyo Dome
makes up for the huge humiliation fandom faced when "matsujun party" was rumor , huh?
LOL I still laugh at it every time (for being all flaily and happy about it and actually believing it that is) 

I SWEAR I was having a strong feeling the day before that they will make him a surprise bday this day T^T I was even going to tell my friend who was going to make an uchiwa for him but TOTALLY forgot *hits head* 

anywaaaaay this is not a flailing post so

I was watching Shiyagare with Miyane-san the other day and as an Ohmiya fan, I only focused on the "ohno and nino dont get along" part
so I thought of this

prepare xD

Nino: Is Ohno Satoshi in love? *heart sinks* this is the truth!
to himself: and its not me!

find out who is it <3 Collapse )
comments are loved <3

PS: credits to scribblyness_x for gifs <3

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I know something I made quickly with photoshop, blame my stupid current real life >< 
although this has like 1% or maybe even less that they would read this I just want to say

Thank you arashi for being you!
Thank you for being great friends!
Thank you for all the smiles you drew on my face during many dark moments of my life!
Thank you for making me laugh even when I didn't feel like it
Thank you for being an inspiration to do my best!
Thank you for some great friends I met because of you!
Thank you for teaching me A LOT of stuff!
Thank you for robbing my wallet!
Thank you for insanity!!
Thank you for the rainbows and sparkles!
Thank you for corrupting my mind!
Thank you for increasing my nonsense!
Thank you for spoiling me with releases,dramas and movies  *___* 
Thank you for making my head full of you eg. oh fish, OHNO! oh trump cards, NINO! oh rings. MATSUJUN! oh chipmunk, SHO! oh experiments AIBA!...and the list goes on!
Thank you for making me want to turn into the silliest things ever eg. blender A FREAKIN BLENDER
Thank you for the love I have for you <3 *sobs*

OMG I could cry forever now T_____T damn them I have no idea when I became so freakin attached to them T.T



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 Hi to those who didn't get to be at kokuritsu to have loads of fun like me xD

I wanted to share this list of today's concert (which just ended xD). I am like 9000 km away from Japan now and sadly, I wasn't there T.T but I got these info from stalking twitter accounts of people who were there

here is a picture of the tour logo 

Song list and some more pictures Collapse )

Current Location: I wanna be there T.T
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 Hi there

since channels on www.japantv.biz aren't working ( not to mention its a paid service) I refused to watch Kaibutsu-kun on Keyhole because it nearly gave me a heart attack! so here I am writing this while everyone else is enjoying kaibutsu-kun's squishy self T.T *is envious* xD

so this post is not to fangirl over arashi!

ITS TO COMPLAIN ABOUT ARASHI!! seriously NUOOOOO I am really worried

Why am I worried ? Monster!! NOW SPIRAL!?Collapse )

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Hi there ~

I just finished kaibutsu-kun and let me just say it was more awesome than i actually thought it'd be
anyway those who watched it was all surprised by an insert song sung by Ohno!! since it wasn't mentioned before and I don't think it'd be on the single T.T
Ohno single? I hope so xD

so here is a recorded file of the song if anyone is interested

enjoy ~

 Hello there~ 

I come today with a first for me probably, this is my first time uploading something that hasn't been shared before so I am really happy and excited to share with you all this 

so I recieved my マイガールDVD 2 days ago and I immediately ripped the DVD (with the best suitable quality) to share it since I didn't see anyone sharing it yet 
I was gonna post this earlier but bad luck happened !! upload gave a LOT OF A HEADACHE! I even uploaded some files several times before they were finally uploaded ! anywaywe all know how uploading can be so troublesome but thank god I finally managed to upload all files

enough of my ranting already

Well the DVD box is so freakin adorable  its made like its a book and has a plastic cover with prints of sakura and the title in pink and when you remove this plastic cover you get "the book" 

as for the DVD extras they don't come in a seperate CD which made me panic for a second when I first opened my box xD turned out that there is extras but this time extras are in every CD, basically every CD has 2 episodes and some extras and there are 5 CDs
the important part is under the cut xDCollapse )

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 to my F-list sorry for spamming today xD
Hey everyone, 
how are you? how are you managing to follow the dorks arashi?
Are you excited for the 5x10? waiting for your copy or did you already see the released clips?
Did you manage to get a hold of Monster LE? xD
Are you ready for ANOTHER challenge week? I'M NOT *sobs* I hate Real Life !
this ironic because few days ago I accidentally deleted the first challenge week folder from the HD and cried rivers T.T are they making it up to me? lol *gets bricked*
anyway you're not here to read about how unfortunate I am, right? and read my endless talk! 

so here are the 35 icons of Ohno from MISS magazine



god how I wanted to be a dog T.T Lucky dog x3
icons under the cut <3 Collapse )

Hope you liked them <3

Scans : shokim  at akaisuki_drop 
Textures : before_water 

- Icons can be used as bases but please tell me beforehand 
- Credit makes me happy 
- Comments makes me even happier <3 

Have a nice day~

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